Only White Dress You Will Need

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I took a bit of a hiatus from my blog but I am back and in full force! 

I want to share the only dress you will need all spring and summer long. I am obsessed with this dress that I got from Target. It was under $40, which is a great deal. The dress is super comfortable and, wait for it, it has POCKETS !!! I know if you are like me then pockets are the best part of any dress, especially when it’s unexpected. I know that in these times, fashion has been put on the back burner. I find myself being more interested in how I can take the pieces I have in my closet and reworking them into new outfits. This dress is it, it’s all I need. I challenge you to come up with outfits with your staple piece. Tag me on Instagram when you post.

Ever since this dress got into my hot little hands, I could not stop wearing it. I started wearing it plain because it’s just that cute. Dressing up just a little in a jean jacket or making it a backdrop piece to great accessories are both good ideas with a great basic piece. Let’s be honest, I have styled this dress in many ways but the only place I have been going is to Casa a Living Room. It’s still fun to play dress up and get ready everyday. I can’t wait to take this dress for a night out on the town. I can imagine it now: paparazzi lined up, dress blowing in the wind. I’m just saying, it is a great dress. Let me know, how are you rocking your favorite staple piece ?

Find the dress here :   White Dress



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