How I Stay Active at Home

A few months ago, I decided to make life changes with my health. I was so inspired to get back into the gym and change the way I eat. It was so great to get back into the gym. I finally found a great gym and even signed up for a few classes. Then the pandemic hit and everything changed. At first, I was annoyed and sad because I finally got a routine I could keep up with. It was time to get creative and make things work while at home. Here are 4 ways I was able to stay active while at home. 


YouTube workout video


I did not want to beat myself up for not doing any of the classes but I also did not want to commit to an online group workout. I searched on YouTube and you would not believe all of the videos I found related to every workout you can imagine. I felt so much better and it’s a true no judgement zone.




I never thought I would be someone that would get into yoga the way I have in the past few weeks. I have always considered doing yoga but have never committed to working on any of my skills. It has been so much fun and I have seen so many of the benefits of including it into my healthy routine.


Walking around the neighborhood


Taking a long walk around my area has allowed me to see more of my area. I did not realize how much is around me that I missed because of being in a car. There are so many restaurants and fun things to do in my area. As I am walking, I take mental notes of everything I want to come back to. I not only walk around my neighborhood, I go into other great areas and walk around looking at beautiful homes and taking great pictures. Walking does not have to be boring.




Now, I did not think dancing was a great workout but let me tell you: it sure is. I have found a great workout where all you do is dance. I am not talking about Zumba. I love taking hip hop and salsa classes. Not only am I burning calories but I learn moves for the dance floor. One thing I have been doing lately is learning Tik Tok dances but I would never post them but trust me it’s a great workout without thinking of the task of working out.



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