Tips on How to be Comfortably Chic

As of lately, my outfit has consisted of “being in the house” vibes and vacation al casa. But I have gotten better at actually getting ready for the day and I have fallen back in love with fashion. Each morning, I now look forward to finding things that I love wearing. Today, it was an all casual outfit and messy bun which I am here for. I am all about comfortable meets chic at all times. I feel nothing says comfy like a jumpsuit. They are so easy to wear with minimal effort. It may be my summertime go-to wardrobe weapon.

I love anything that is easy to wear and makes me feel feminine with little effort. I found this jumpsuit from Target in a color that may just be my color for the year. It fits to perfection and has one of the best materials for a jumpsuit. I can not wait until quarantine is over and I can take this one out of a spin. I can think of endless ways to spruce up this jumpsuit with just a few simple accessories. I want to share my 6 tips on how to style a casual outfit.


  1. Stop with the jeans and look for things with elastic.
  2. Just because it is comfy does not mean it should not have pockets. Pockets are lifesavers trust me.
  3. Faux fur slippers or fuzzy socks for around the house.
  4. Luxury pajamas. Why not? When you look good, you feel good.
  5. Fancy barrette and/or silk scrunchies. Start with a messy bun but make it fashionable.
  6. Baggy is not always a bad thing. I have been loving oversized tee shirts with biker shorts. It’s life changing.



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