12 Ways to Making Staying at Home More Enjoyable

Staying at home has been an adventure to say the least. So many daily rituals have been put to the side and new things have come to the front of everyday life. I used to always think staying at home was going to be easy and I would be able to get so much done and never be bored and I would be living the good life. Over time, that became further from the truth. Things became less exciting. I could not be more bored and I felt that everything was becoming a bad routine. I am such an introvert that I thought everything would be great. I do love staying at home but it became better once I got into everyday things to make staying at home more enjoyable.

One of the greatest things to come out of quarantine is the new routine that I have gained. I start my day at 8am with a better, more joyous attitude. Finding the joy in simple things throughout the day has made going through them even more worth the effort. I love knowing I have the satisfaction of being busy throughout the day with just doing these 12 things. They are so simple but make the biggest impact in how I enjoy the day.

  • Start a garden. We do not get a lot of light on our balcony so we do use a smart garden and love it.
  • Read outside on the balcony/porch. Getting a little sunshine gives you some sunshine.
  • Organize a new area in your home. 
  • Play video games with people around the world.
  • Learn a new tik tok dance.
  • Binge your heart out. Finally finish that movie or series.
  • Learn a new recipe once a week.
  • Have a spa day. Learn to do nails, make organic skin masks, the list goes on.
  • Learn to become the next Picasso.
  • Decorate that space that you have meant for months.
  • Start the project or business you have always wanted.
  • Do more online workshops for a new skill or craft.

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