New ways to relaxation

Why didn’t anyone tell me how amazing it is to have a diffuser for your home? After introducing a diffuser into my home, I have noticed a difference in the way I feel. I love to introduce new and old smells in my home. There is nothing like having a smell and bringing back positive memories you have created in your home. I always thought essential oils in a diffuser were a gimmick. You can use the diffuser in so many ways such as a fresh smell in your home or adding a calm aroma as you do yoga or other relaxing activity. First, let me explain what a diffuser is. It is a tool that allows you to disperse essential oils into the air that can have different benefits.

Sleepy time 

One of the main ways I love to use a diffuser is to help me sleep. I often have a hard time sleeping and staying asleep through the night. Which makes for a long day. I love to use a diffuser for the bedroom that allows me to calm down and have a peaceful and restful night. After a long day, using a diffuser helps me unwind and relax. Turning the diffuser on 15 minutes before bed helps fill the room with a beautiful aroma that helps me fall sleep. 

Get well 

It is not often that I get sick but when I do, having a diffuser comes in handy. It helps me feel better. I would use essential oils to help prevent me from getting sick but I did not think of putting them into a diffuser and have it running during the day. Most diffusers double as a humidifier which can be beneficial during those unbearable sick days. 


The best part of having a diffuser is the lack of hassling with matches, candles, or incense. It is so important to have control and safety when using candles and incense. When it comes to a diffuser, it is easy to use and safe for everyone to use. It is as simple as adding the oils into the diffuser, adding water, and pressing a single button. It gives you all the benefits of a candle and aromatherapy without the hassle. Just put it on and let the scent fill up the house and impress anyone who comes over. 

Reflect the bugs 

Living in Florida, we have a lot of bugs and they are everywhere. Stepping outside in Florida and getting bitten by a mosquito is like getting wet in the rain. It is bound to happen at least once. I use the diffuser to ward off the pesky bugs. And my formula works to keep them away and get them to stay away. 

I am so happy with my diffuser and how it has been working for me. It has improved my lifestyle and cleared my mind. A diffuser can be beneficial in many other aspects of your life. I want to know if you guys use a diffuser, if so how?

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