Doing everything with style

I know everyone has a uniform whether it is all black or wearing comfy clothes. There is always a way to look more stylish. Being in style does not mean on trend. It can be as stylish as adding new accessories, doing something different with your hair or making minor adjustments to your clothing. Looking stylish can be easy as 1 2 3. Here are my five tips to look more stylish. 

  1. Fit to perfection 

  The first and most important thing in being stylish is how your clothes fit. There is nothing better than having the perfect fitting outfit that makes a feel golden. Having the right fit can change the way you look and how you feel. Also, when it comes to fit: do not exempt undergarments. Having the wrong undergarment can change the look for the outfit. Getting an outfit altered to fit can cost as low as five dollars. So take the time to get your clothes fitted. The only time it is okay to wear anything that is oversized is if it is a boyfriend t-shirt or oversized sweater. Purchasing items for your shape  and not your size. 

2. Wear bold shoes

  I love to add a bold look with my shoes when it comes to wearing the basic colors with my clothes. It gives the entire look some personality. No matter if you are wearing a bold color or shoes with a lot of personality.

3. Accessories Accessories Accessories 

Accessories are such an important part of an outfit. They can make or break an outfit and remember: less is more. Just putting on one accessory is enough to set off an outfit. When it comes to accessories, only have one statement piece. Whether you are wearing a bold jacket, a hair accessory, sunglasses, purse, or statement necklace and fancy earrings. Also, when it comes to fun accessories, wearing bold red lipstick makes me feel like a new woman. So go bold and bright with the lips. 

4. Get ready on time or not

Giving yourself time to get ready in the morning is a must. One of the ways to be more effective in the morning is to have an organized closet and pick out your clothes the night before. When I started picking out my clothes, it made my morning run a lot smoother. Once I have picked out my outfits, I make sure they are steamed or ironed out. It makes you feel more put together. Even if you do not have time to get ready in the morning, you can wear your pajamas pants. Yes, pajama pants can be stylish and chic.

5. Invest in timeless, not trendy. 

Oftentimes, we look to be on trend which leaves our closet filled with wedge sneakers, funky pants, and acid wash jeans. It is better to invest your money in something that is timeless and will never go out of trend such as a basic white tee. People do not give credit to the power of a fashionable basic white tee shirt. I also say invest in some luxury items that help enhance that favorite closet favorite from Ross. Mixing high end and low items helps pull together your look. Invest in pieces that you can use years down the line and still be in style. 

I love to look stylish and be as fabulous as I can everyday. These are my favorite tips to stay stylish on a daily basis. When you are picking out an outfit, just remember to keep it simple but do not forget to add your personality. Look into your day and dress appropriately to what the weather looks like so you are prepared . Your style is your own so be yourself.

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