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Around Town: Exploring Deland, FL

Going around the area that we live in is a fun way to get out of the house and still see new things around the area. Deland is about an hour drive from Orlando. The historic downtown area is so cute and cozy. The drive is totally worth the trip to see the town. This… Continue reading Around Town: Exploring Deland, FL


Around town: Kraft Azalea Garden

  Exploring your neighborhood is the best way to get out and gain new experiences. I always try to find new ways to get out without doing the same old things. We love to go out on fun dates but not spend a lot of money. Just because dating can get quite expensive does not… Continue reading Around town: Kraft Azalea Garden


Around Town: Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse

a Hello everyone! Going to a lighthouse is a great way to have a weekend trip. I have to be honest that I never knew much about lighthouses other learning about them when I was a child. Growing up in Florida, I have never seen a lighthouse so I was extremely excited to visit this… Continue reading Around Town: Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse