Pizza Wreath for the Holidays

Who doesn’t love pizza? And why not kick it up a notch and turn it into a pizza wreath? I love making memories with family. After I got married, it has become more important to me to find things that can be fun traditions to pass along for generations to come. I think this one… Continue reading Pizza Wreath for the Holidays


Pizza in Bed: 3 At Home Date Ideas

We don’t usually eat pizza in bed. We usually eat at a proper dining room. I am such a homebody that date night at home really makes my day. It is always the simple things in life that matter. Like making a pizza and cuddling in bed with my hubby. I would love to know,… Continue reading Pizza in Bed: 3 At Home Date Ideas


Weekend Favorite: My Weekend Routine

I look forward to every weekend, not only because the work week is over but I also have a few favorite things I get excited about each weekend. But first, when does your weekend start? Friday or Saturday? I always thought of Friday as the cherry on top of every weekend. Every Friday, I race… Continue reading Weekend Favorite: My Weekend Routine