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Homemade Ice Cream: Cookie Butter

I love making homemade ice cream. Especially in the hot Florida summers. Having some ice cream to cool me down after a hot day out is always a great experience. When making ice cream, I generally try to stick to a handful of good recipes and then figure out how to add in my flavor… Continue reading Homemade Ice Cream: Cookie Butter


Exploring the Garden

How many people take long romantic trips down the flower aisle at Lowes? I do. I love going into Lowes, I do not know why. Maybe because looking at all of the tiles and other home improvement projects makes me so excited to buy my own home and renovate. This past weekend, we went into… Continue reading Exploring the Garden


Indulging in a treat: 5 min guilt free treats

Is anyone else a major sweet tooth? For me, it is out of control! With my new lifestyle, it has been hard to cut sweets out completely. Now, I have dessert as a treat every once in a while. It can be very satisfying to have a treat with a healthy lunch meal. Good news… Continue reading Indulging in a treat: 5 min guilt free treats