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Making a Floral Arrangement

I love receiving flowers from my husband. It’s the best, coziest feeling. I do not have a green thumb but I do have a knack for finding beautiful things and arranging items. Finding an amazing floral arrangement can be costly. I prefer to make my own arrangements when I can gather floral supplies from the… Continue reading Making a Floral Arrangement


Celebrating Blogging: 2 Year Anniversary

I seriously can't believe I have been doing this for two years. I can remember when it was all just an idea and I was shaking in my boots about whether I should start. Then I finally started and the first thing was picking the name. I went through different names: Eclectic Kristal was the… Continue reading Celebrating Blogging: 2 Year Anniversary


Indulging in a treat: 5 min guilt free treats

Is anyone else a major sweet tooth? For me, it is out of control! With my new lifestyle, it has been hard to cut sweets out completely. Now, I have dessert as a treat every once in a while. It can be very satisfying to have a treat with a healthy lunch meal. Good news… Continue reading Indulging in a treat: 5 min guilt free treats