Flannel in the City

Everyone should have a flannel shirt in their closet. It is a staple within your closet. You can wear it with everything, no matter your mood. Pair it with boyfriend jeans, sparkly skirts, leather jackets and the list goes on. It’s an effortless piece that adds multiple uses. Flannel shirts are versatile pieces that I love to wear around my waist, over my shoulder, or loosely tucked into my jeans.

It has finally begin to feel like winter in Florida. Which means me dodging winter treats and pulling out my favorite flannel shirt. I love this outfit, it can be transitional throughout the day as the weather can be unpredictable. This shirt is my favorite because it is soft and great for layering with other fun accessories. Flannel does come in other patterns and material but, by far, I love the plaid. It’s a true winter staple. 

Exploring the city is one of my favorite activities on the weekend. Bringing my trusty flannel is a must as it allows me to be more comfortable. No matter how I wear it, it always looks effortless. I have to restrain myself from wearing it everyday. It’s like my favorite blanket I had as a kid. One of the major factors of why I love this shirt is because it is timeless. I can think of at least 30 outfits with just this one shirt. Best cost per wear piece. Let’s just say I like flannel on flannel with a little more flannel.


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