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How to Create an Easy Hairstyle for Bad Hair Days

We have all had a bad hair day. You can fix and primp your hair all you want. But if it’s meant to be then your hair will say “not today” and end up puffing or dropping. I know, it’s a sad moment in history. But I always have a few tricks to tame a bad hair day. No matter the reason for the disaster hair day, bad hair days are going to be a thing of the past with these tips.

  1. Hair Accessories –  This is my main trick. I always have a scarf or cute hair clip in my bag or car. When my hair starts going flat or it’s is a little greasy, I pull it back in a tight bun and add in accessories to spur it up. 
  2. Buns and Ponytail – A bun and ponytail is a staple hairstyle for a bad hair day. The key is to carry a small 2-in-1 brush and comb set to smooth out the hair. Again, add a hair scarf to accent the ponytail. It makes it look like you tried.
  3. Earrings – Picking a pair of fun statement earrings can help distract from your hair. Add in a low ponytail or bun with a pair of hoops and red lips and honey, you are all set. Bad hair, who has bad hair? Not you.
  4. Hat – Recently, I got into hats. Let’s all be honest. I was never into hats because I could never find one that fits my head. Now that I know my size, I am in the running to become a hat queen. It helps you look so cute, who does not like that?
  5. Braids – I am obsessed with crown braids. Or any braid. They make such a difference in the look of your hair. It adds interest and design to your hair.


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