Taking Instax for a ride

        First, I want to say that I love using my camera wherever I go. I take it on every adventure or trip which sometimes can be overwhelming because it is so large. But it is so worth it because I cherish the memories we create. I love being able to take it out and snap a photo, not knowing how it will come out. Also, the instant gratification of a physical photo is great. Now, I will say learning to use this has been a challenge. But it is so worth it and. at times, seems not so worth it because the film can be expensive. Other than the size, the cost of film is the only other drawback that I can see with the camera. It takes me back to a much simpler time that I often feel nostalgic about. 

        One of the things that I cherish about this camera is that it makes for an amazing souvenir for when you travel. I love to add my photos to the mini album and look at all the great memories we created together. After having the camera for some time, I have learned that it is much easier to use than I thought. I always thought that you need to adjust the settings but you do not always have to. Don’t get me wrong, you should check them to make sure it does not have any malfunctions but the camera is usually on the nose with the correct setting. As of lately, I love taking it to new places and finding new things to photograph. So whenever we do take our next trip, our souvenir can be insta worthy. I would highly recommend this camera for everyone in your life. Whether it is the little munchkin in your life or the grandparent you can’t think of what to get. They will love to create memories that last a lifetime


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