Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I have dealt with dry skin for quite a long time. I am always moisturizing my face to the point where I look like I dunked my face in oil. Some days with the Florida heat, I appreciate a great moisturizer for the morning after one of those long, hot nights. The Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisture is my current favorite. After trying many different moisturizers, this one really stands out to me. I prefer a gel moisture for my skin tone. I do have dry skin and my skin can be irritated easily around this time of the year. Looking for a moisturizer that makes my skin feel new and hydrated can be difficult. I know look forward to waking up after a long night and doing a morning skincare routine just for this moisture. It wakes me up and gives me a warm glow. The smell is very subtle citrus, it is just delicious. If you are like me and love a great moisturizer that works, this one’s for you. And don’t mind me, I will be the one with the glowing skin !



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