Cute but Effortless: Two Piece Suit

I have never been a pantsuit type of girl. It was borderline behind fashion and a bad 80’s outfit. I am so glad that it is another trend that has come back into style.  Recently, I got into thrifting and trying new stores around town. After shopping at the same places, I got tired of seeing the same things while finding my style has been a fun adventure. Now I have really been into going into thrift stores and Goodwill to find those unique pieces on a budget. This was my first time going to this thrift store. It was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I spend a lot of time browsing the racks and making new friends. As I was on the way to check out with a basket full of goodies, I decided to check out one more rack of clothes.

Trying new trends is always fun but never so fun for your wallet. That’s where thrifting comes in handy. As I was browsing that last rack, it was like a light shined upon this suit. It was a gorgeous pastel purple two-piece suit. Not only was it in my size but it was $20. Yes, you heard that right a two-piece suit for $20. I grabbed it off the rack did a silent happy squeal and my happy dance. It was a great find, the girls that I made friends with in the store said it would be perfect. I told them I plan on wearing it with a graphic tee and cute white sneakers. This time, I decided to make the suit the star of the shoot. I paired it with my crop white tank and a pair of the most comfortable sneakers I picked up on Amazon. The main thing I love about this outfit is that it is so cute but also effortless. I live in a romper but we all know of that awkward moment we have when using the restroom. This gives me the same cute but effortless vibes but with less awkward moments. What a win for me to find the suit for $20. I want to know what are you finding when you go thrifting ?



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