Little Red Dress

Everyone should have a little black dress. But this Christmas, put that away! Let’s all LRD out. I love the color red. A lot of people say they can not wear the color red but that is not true. You can wear it, you just need to find the right shade for you. I woke up this morning and the day was so beautiful. So I was psyched to wear this dress and go out on the town. As the season changes, so does the style. I choose this red dress because I love this shade of red on my skin tone. It lightens up my skin. Styling a red dress is so easy. It is such a powerful, sassy, and fun color. You can go in so many directions. I paired mine with black knee-high boots and a black bag with some fun sunglasses. This dress is simple with a beautiful trim detail so I did not want to add more to the outfit. This is one of my new favorite combos this holiday. A pop of color with over-the-knee boots. I have to admit, I am new to wearing an over-the-knee boot. But I am obsessed. This dress was effortless and super soft without being thin so perfect for the mild Florida winters.


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