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20 Spring Things to do during Self-Isolation

It’s officially spring time. This is my favorite time of the year. The flowers are blooming and it’s like the times are being renewed. We are all going through difficult times. At this point, I can not tell what day of isolation it is. In the beginning, I was motivated and ready to take on the world. Now, it seems like I am finding creative things to do that do not include me watching TV or not being productive. I encourage you to get inspired, give lots of self love, and do all the things your heart desires. I wanted to share 20 creative ways I have been enjoying self isolation. 

  1. Learn new nail art design.
  2. Find new exercise videos everyday.
  3. Write a letter to loved ones and friends.
  4. Virtual Brunch or dinner with friends.
  5. Nostalgic movie night, take it a step further including nostalgic food and clothing. 
  6. Make infused cheese from scratch.
  7. Create an indoor outdoor garden.
  8. Start a blog or a you tube channel.
  9. Virtual wine class.
  10. Declutter the entire house. Take it room by room.
  11.  Luxury spa night at home. 
  12.  Create cooking challenges with baking and cooking different meals.
  13.  Plan things to do after quarantine trips.
  14.  Learn cosmetology skills.
  15.  Learn craft. Knitting,calligraphy,tie dye, etc.
  16.  Create a scrapbook or memory box .
  17.  Rearrange your home. Be creative with things that you have.
  18. Get into club quarantine, listen to music and drink.
  19.  Learn a new language.
  20. Do a photography challenge.


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