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Nothing is more nostalgic than a Polaroid camera. I love taking pictures with my Instax camera. I am not sure if it’s the quick gratification of receiving a photo after taking a picture, the vibrant colors along with a touch of vintages, or knowing every photo counts because I only have a limited amount of film in the camera. I miss the days where I would cuddle up to the couch and flip through old family album and be able to touch and feel an old photo. Things are different in the digital world where our photos are stored on computers instead. Instant film cameras are great to have at any age. Especially with small kids, it’s a great way to get into photography without spending a ton of money. I can think of hundreds of reasons to purchase an instant camera to create instant memories.

Makes a great gift : Even if you are not into photography, it makes a great gift. Having hard copies of photos makes an impact in everyday lives. It is also a practical novelty item. Most camera stores or supermarkets sell the camera and film that you need. If you run out of film, you can easily find the right kind of film in most pharmacies or supermarkets. If you can not afford to give the camera as a gift, you can make gifts with the pictures you make such as magnets, cards, decor, etc. Sentimental photos makes great keepsakes and gifts for the holidays.

Unique color, vintage : I love the look that an Instant Camera can give to a photo. You never know what the picture will look like until it is developed. That is half of the fun. Do not get me wrong, I love to take a digital picture but there is nothing like the quality of an Instax camera. All the different hues and tint in the house, there is just nothing like it. You can change the setting on the camera and adjust the exposure.

Cheap, easy to use : This is one of cheaper cameras that you can buy. A disposable camera is cheaper but it just does not have the same effect. You can find this camera everywhere, even Michael’s. Try to use a coupon and get a discount. It is easy to find because different places sell different versions of an Instax camera. Once you get the camera in your hands, it is very easy to use.  It only has one button to push and a switch to change the exposure. Everything is laid out for you. So even if you want to take photos for fun or learn to be a pro, it is so easy to learn.

Great for Travel : Some instant cameras can be so bulky but making space in your travel bag is worth it. Me and my hubby started a tradition where we take Instax photos whenever we travel. It is the best souvenir you can have. It is an adventure to go around a new city and take plenty of pictures. Instax has so many accessories now, my favorite is a selfie mirror. It makes it so much easier to take pictures. It’s a great way to create memories you have forever.

There is an art : Even though the film is inexpensive for an Instax, it can get expensive after purchasing several packs. When I take a photo, I try to be careful with where and how I take the photo. With that in mind, it allows you to be more creative with each shot. Instant cameras give you instant photos so you can shoot and check out your shot within a few minutes. Then change the setting around and get a different perspective.

Let me just simply say, I am obsessed with my instant camera. They are so fun and great for all ages. They are relatively inexpensive but they also can be about the same price for a new inexpensive digital camera today. No matter your photography level, you can use one. There is nothing like snapping a picture and patiently waiting for the film to develop. It is the camera to have. A great conversation piece.


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