Favorite Summer Outfit

Hey Loves! I love the summer fashion. The flowers are in bloom. You can bring out the floral patterns and fun colors. Everything is feminine and romantic all around. Even though I do not like summer here in Florida because of the heat, I do love the clothes and being able to experiment with colors and prints. 

  I am obsessed with the skirt that I picked up from Target. I seriously have made this my go-to skirt when I can not think of anything else to wear. It’s the perfect skirt for summer. It flows and it’s thin but not so thin that it is see-through. I love this skirt because I can wear it with anything. And it does enough of the talking without saying too much. I always think of different items I can wear with this skirt. Sometimes mixing prints or wearing it with simple colors. This time I played it safe and wore basic black long sleeve that I scrunched up because I feel it gives a more casual vibe. I picked up the top from Amazon Basics. I always wear simple jewelry with this outfit. Actually with most outfits but especially with this one. The skirt is so fun and I usually play around with colors and other things. Let me know what you are loving?




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