Do-Nut Worry About It


Who doesn’t love a nice, juicy, well-sugared melt-in-your-mouth kind of donut? I was so tempted to get one of each donut because everything sounded so amazing and looked even better. I was a little weary about the name: Voodoo Donuts. But after looking into the history of the business, I understood the meaning of the name. I was excited when I heard that one was coming to Universal Studios. The first few months when it opened, I would never think about trying a donut. The store always had a line wrapped around the building. To our surprise when we arrived, there was no line. We were able to walk right in and order. It was overwhelming because everything looked so yummy and eye-catching. The donuts were not expensive at all. I guess I just had it in my mind that they would be. 

After getting the donuts, we found a place to dig in and enjoy. I honestly did not want to eat any of them but I was surprised that they were so good. I have heard mixed reviews on the donuts. They were amazing and filled with flavor. I always love trying new things that I do not normally eat. The donuts were soft like a Krispy Kreme donut but still had a thickness to it like Dunkin Donuts. After we picked at each of the donuts just for tasting purposes, we walked it off with laps around the City Walk area. I have been going to Universal Studios for many years. I love checking out what is new and every time, I am amazed with the amount of things they have made changes to. 

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