How to style a slip dress

I think a slip dress has become a wardrobe staple. It is so easy to make a slip dress work in every environment. I am so happy once again that a 90’s style has come back into style and I am here for it. I will admit a slip dress can be similar to wearing your pajamas outside but this is such a chic way that it just makes sense. I love how versatile each piece can be with darling lace and ruffles to chic angles and lines. I wanted to share my new love and obsession with slip dresses and what it means to me take your pajamas to the streets. Here is a list of 10 simple ways to wear a slip dress. 

  1. Add a t-shirt on top, knot the tee for added style. 
  2. Tuck it into a pair of jeans. 
  3. Layer a tee or patterned blouse underneath.
  4. Jackets, either tied on the waist or drape over your shoulder. 
  5. Lean button up for the warm summer mornings. 
  6. Be daring and wear it alone with a cute pair of heels. 
  7. Jeans and button up shirts as layering pieces. 
  8. Mix it with patterns that are out of the blue.
  9. Wear a hat and fun accessories. And keep the slip dress simple. 
  10. Dress it down with sneaker and a hoop.

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